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About us

The International Education Link Institute

The International Education Link Institute (IELI) has been established in Uganda out of the need to promote access to quality international education at affordable costs to Ugandans.  Realising a sudden increase in the demand for international qualifications among Ugandans,  deliberations  were undertaken and these produced ideas that resulted into the formation of this institute, whose main mission is to spearhead a nationwide initiative that would ensure among other things; a great improvement in the availability, and affordable access to international education; through creating networks, useful alliances and collaborations to bring together key stakeholders namely international institutions, the government education sector, and clients in the East and Central region of Africa. Through several informative discussions and workshops already conducted, significant ideas have been developed. Facilities with proper technologies to support quality distance learning have been established.

The IELI has established itself as an e-learning centre equipped with modern technology to support distance learning.  This centre possesses a modern computer laboratory with a super- fast internet connection and full-time technical support. It possesses a conference room equipped with video-conferencing technology to enable students who want to have live streamed tutorials with their tutors to do so.  It also possesses discussion rooms to enable students who want to discuss among themselves to do so.  The facility possesses printers and photocopiers, a fax machine, a telephone and a library as well as a standby 3-way generator to ensure that power is available at all times. 

This centre is impeccably novel for successful establishment of distance learning in transitional and developing countries.  In essence, not everyone wishing to undertake distance learning programmes will necessarily have an up to date computer, but even when the person has the computer, he/she may be frustrated by the weak internet connection making it difficult to access learning materials on time.  Transitional and developing countries are also characterised by frequent load shedding which may too hinder good progress for individuals on distance learning programmes.  This centre helps students overcome all these problems.  Of note, motivation is a very important aspect for successful completion of distance learning programmes; this centre provides a sense of cohort-ship among students taking similar programmes which is an important motivating factor.

Our Mission

To scale up the provision of international education through use of modern technology to increase its accessibility and affordability especially in transitional and developing countries

Our vision​

To become internationally recognised as key promoters of international education in developing countries through forming partnerships with international Universities, institutes, societies, organisations and states.

Our objectives

To establish a one stop e-learning/distance learning centre in Uganda where all students undertaking distance learning programmes can receive necessary support in order to accomplish their programmes well.

To act as a liaison agency between parents, students and international Universities to enhance a good learning experience for students and smooth administration of distance learning programmes by the University.

To advertise distance learning programmes offered by international Universities and to advise students/ learners on the various application procedures for admission on these programmes.

To take up programmes for spreading international education to the public in general and in particular adult education, post graduate studies, undergraduate studies, diplomas, certificates through e-learning methods, online studies, tutorials and lecture methods.

To commit to understanding and respecting our clients and the communities in which they live and maintaining a customer-orientated approach guided by seeking and providing information that will help clients become informed consumers of international education.

To commit to providing consistently efficient, accurate and timely technological and customer focused services with compassion and responsibility while upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Our values

Quality:  Strive to improve quality of services for our clients.
Creativity: Find solutions that work at all times.​
Compassion: Understand and respect our clients and the communities they live in.
Excellence: Strive to pursue excellence in all we do.
Accountability: Honesty and integrity shall be the cornerstone to our success.

Mr Fulgence Kalisa


Fulgence Kalisa has 15+ years’ experience in business development, operations and project management in developing economies.  In addition to his involvement with International Education Link Institute, Mr. Kalisa is also the Uganda country director  for UK-based CAMS Global and an American Mobile Money company SmartMoney. Prior to this Mr. Kalisa held positions at US-based Tropix Technology and at Bank of America in Boston, MA.


Mr Kalisa also worked as a revenue officer with the Uganda Revenue Authority for Ten years. Mr. Kalisa has extensive experience in project management, budgeting, organizational planning,
financial reporting, sales and business development. Mr. Kalisa holds a Masters Degree in International Business from Boston College, MA.


Meet the directors

Dr Joseph Kabanda

Chairman board of Directors

Dr. Joseph Kabanda holds a Master of Public Health from Makerere University, Post graduate diploma in Project Management and a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBCHB).

He is a medical Doctor and a Public Health specialist with 10 years’ experience in HIV programming. He has worked for both Public and Civil society health services and has 7 years’ experience in operationalization of donor funded programs including USAID, DFID and DAIDS programs.

He has previously worked at the Joint Clinical Research Center a leading research and training institute in Uganda in different capacities including: deputy programs' manager, research associate and as a team Leader for the various researches.

He was trained in program planning, quality improvement, Monitoring and Evaluation of programs at the Uganda Management Institute. He currently works as Ag. Senior Technical Advisor with the Civil Society Fund, USAID. Contact:

Counsel Mary Nankabirwa Mukasa


Mrs Mary Nankabirwa is an advocate of the High Court and all Courts of judicature in Uganda and those subordinate thereto.

She has an experience of 10 years in legal practice. She is currently a Principal State Attorney working with the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs in the Republic of Uganda. She is in the final stages of completing her Masters of Laws (LLM) from Makerere University. 

She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from Law Development Centre. She holds post graduate qualifications in the procurement and intellectual Property Law as well Oil and Gas law.

She holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Makerere University.

She has been everywhere in the world negotiating government contracts and participating in various arbitration processes. 


Mr Simon Mukasa


Mr Simon Mukasa is an educationist with impeccable experience of 20 years as a teacher. He therefore has profound skills and experience of quality assurance in education business. He holds a Masters of Finance and Control from Amity University of India. 

He holds a diploma in project planning and management from Project Planning and Management Advisory Centre. He holds an international diploma in the teaching of French as a second language (DALF CI).   He holds a Bachelor of Arts with Education from Makerere University. He has received extensive exposure in the management of distance learning programmes and he happily brings this expertise to the daily running of the Institute.Contact:

Mrs Teopista Lubega


Mrs Teopista Lubega is an expert in business management.  Having worked with the Bank of Uganda for a long period of time, she obtained impeccable experience especially in marketing which she brings to the institute.  Mrs Teopista has been a member of several boards including Buganda Land Board, Seeta Group of Schools Board, Catholic Church Land board etc. Contact:

“We're a growing Institute. We look forward to meeting you and helping you obtain a Teesside University qualification in your chosen area of interest whether studying here in Uganda or on campus at Teesside in the UK" 

Dr Joseph Kabanda, Director International Education Link Institute

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