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Projects For Expansion

We provide a working model for international education provision that will successfully address key issues regarding access and availability of affordable international education to Ugandans and other people in the East and Central region of Africa​
Expanding provision of International Education
The institute hopes to set up similar centers in the different regions of the country.  Similar centers will also be established in other countries in the East and Central regions of African e.g. Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and beyond.
Distance learning by live streaming
The institute is hoping to establish distance learning by live streaming where learners will be attending lectures by video-conferencing. This will ensure that the lectures can run simultaneously in many different countries.  This could build international networks further and yield great benefits to all stakeholders involved.
Partnerships with other universities


For subject areas that may be needed by clients in Uganda but are not provided by existing collaborating Universities, the institute might expand into partnerships with other Universities that can provide those subject areas.

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