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What we offer

Counselling from experts - We provide expert counselling to both students and their parents regarding the most appropriate programmes suitable for the student.

Information - We provide proper information about a wide range of programmes in the UK where a student can undertake Foundation, Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes.

Study Choices - We are able to link students to top Universities and Colleges which will suit their individual and financial requirements and provide them with a wide selection of interesting programmes.

User Friendly Application Process - We are able to provide support in application routed entirely through our Kampala office directly to the admission’s desks at the various institutions enabling us to provide prompt turnaround time, feedback and advice on all applications.

Affordability - This is thoroughly explained and students are pleasantly surprised when they discover how affordable this option is and the exact opportunities it provides. We endeavour to provide more information about scholarships for our clients.


Work opportunities - whilst studying - students are able to work whilst studying

Travel Opportunities into Europe and beyond - students utilize the long 3 to 4 month break in summer to explore these exciting destinations

Visa Assistance - provided by our Kampala office

UK Orientation - provided prior to departure and where possible we can arrange for orientation even after departure.  We can organise support for our client to settle in well in the UK.

Student Travel discounts - are offered in liaison with the different Airlines.

UK Bank Account - we  can organize a UK bank account for students with a leading international bank before students travel for example Barclays bank.

UK Sim Card - we organize a UK Sim-Card for students before they travel

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