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Do you wish to obtain a UK qualification?

IELI provides you with the support you need to obtain a UK qualification at different levels, undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD.  The choice is yours either to study for  your degree in the UK, in which case IELI will provide you with the necessary support through your application for admission and UK visa acquisition; or to study for your degree while in Uganda.

If you wish to study for your UK degree while in Uganda...

IELI will provide you with the necessary support to enrol onto programmes offered on distance and blended learning, and you will access IELI’s excellent  technology facilities and support to enable you accomplish  your programme successfully.

IELI is a well-established centre equipped with modern technology to support both distance and blended learning.  The centre possesses a modern computer laboratory with a super- fast internet connection and full-time technical support. We have a well set conference room equipped with modern video-conferencing technology. 


The centre provides an extra-ordinary academic environment suitable for successful completion of programmes on both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

Facilities include comfortable discussion rooms to enable students who want to discuss among themselves to do so, modern computers with super-fast internet connection, a conference room to interact with tutors and other students studying by distance, full-time technical support, local tutorial support, printing and photocopying facilities, a telephone and fax and a standby 3-way generator to ensure that power is available at all times and firm security.

Our philosophy is that by providing necessary facilities and support for distance and blended learning, more Ugandans would be able to obtain international qualifications at affordable costs and without necessarily having to separate them from their families and friends for long periods of time for purposes of education.

Kenneth Katushabe, LLB (Hons) Law at Teesside University, UK, was the first international student to get a first class plus first student to win 5 court cases against well established UK law firms.

Why study in a UK University

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Tertiary education in the UK is highly esteemed and dates back well over 400 years.

Multiple study options taught in stimulating environment

High tech teaching facilities

Small lecture sizes

Dedicated approachable tutors and staff

All applications are conducted purely on a fair merit basis and entry criteria is not stringent

Diversity of culture is respected and welcomed

International students are highly regarded and welcomed to all departments

Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) is recognized for entry into the Universities

Safe and secure environment

Minimal dropout rate

More about IELI

IELI is a company organised and dully incorporated under the laws of Uganda.  IELI was founded by a team of professionals with impeccable experience in international education and with special connections with some of the best  international universities.  We are committed to providing efficient and accurate, timely and customer focused services; with compassion and responsibility while upholding the highest standards of ethical.

If you wish to study for your degree in the UK...

IELI has expert education counselors who will provide you with expert counselling to enable you identify the best programme suitable for your career aspirations. 

IELI will provide customer-focused assistance through the application process to ensure that you get admitted for your programme. Our team of experts will prepare you for the required English Language tests (IELTS) and will secure an appointment for you to do these tests at the British Council.  

IELI’s Lawyers will help to interpret for you the legal requirements for visa application supporting you through the visa application process to ensure that all the required paperwork is completed accurately leaving no chance for you to be denied the UK visa.

IELI will provide UK orientation for the successful students prior to departure and where possible we can arrange for orientation even after departure. This would be intended to reduce cultural shock an aspect reported by most international students upon arrival in the UK.

IELI will provide you with information regarding some scholarships being advertised for international students and where needed will help you to complete you application  for these scholarships.

For Information about how to apply contact us on

Tel: +256-753-388396




Contact us

Telephone: +256-753-388396
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